Range of Services Offered

Applied has already executed several projects outlined below and therefore can extend its expertise and experience in the areas of

  1. Building Complete Automation Industrial Electrical Control Panels with PLC, AC Drives, Servo Drives and PC based Control Systems to International Specifications and conformance to UL, CSA and IEC Standards. Panels built to International Norms of Safety for Arc Protection.
  2. Services in the Selection, Supply and Integration of Instrumentation Sensors for Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Vacuum, Displacement, Volume, Speed, Load, torque and Vision based Sensing applications. We have also worked with UltraSonic, RF, Linear Array Sensors, Pyrometers and InfraRed Sensors and can offer them if the user application demands.
  3. Design, Development and Implementation of SCADA with interface support to any PLC complying with OPC standards of Communication.
  4. Design, Development and Integration with SCADA a customized Data Acquisition Software in areas where SCADA functionality does not meet the user applications requirement.
  5. Selection, Supply and Integration with Control System and Implementation of Wireless systems for remote monitoring and control of the above Automation Systems.
  6. Design, Develop and implementation Vision Inspection Applications for using Line Scan, Smart Cameras where such applications can be used for inspection.
  7. Build simple 2 axis and 3 Axis pick and place automation systems using Pneumatic, Hydraulics and Servo Drives.