Cascade is a product of Applied 1990. Since then it has estabilshed itself as a de-facto standard for wrapping produce in spinning mills. It is implemented in over 400 mills today.

Cascade is a comprehensive Wrapping procedure for spinning mills from Applied. Cascade goes beyond mere statistical computations to provide for a complete system for wrapping analysis. Cascade offers comprehensive wrapping tests from Blowroom to Winding.

Cascade can be easily operated because of its user friendly system interface and auto start - return of Lea Strength testing.


    • Compact Table Top Model - Small Footprint
    • Electrically Operated
    • Auto return after Lea breakage
    • Auto start on Lea Loading
    • Computerised operator interface for ease of use
    • Perfectly Compatible with Cascade System
    • Electronic Conversion for Old Makes of Wall Mounted Mechnical Lea Testers
    • Upgrade other makes of electronic Lea Testers to Cascade 2007

Technical Specifications

Fibre Cotton, Synthetic, Worsted Yarn
Material Sliver, Roving, Yarn
Count Unit Ne, Tex, Dtex, Ktex, Denier, NM, Nf
Strength Lbs
Tests Department Results
Regular Wrapping All Departments Count, Count CV%, RH Correction for Count, Min & Max Range, Q95 Limits
Draw Frame, Ring Frame Wheel Change Advice, A% reports
Ring Frame Strength, Strength CV%, RH and Count Correction, CSP, CCSP Min & Max Range for Strength, Coefficient of Correction between Count & Strength
Lap tp Lap CV% Blowroom Lap Weight, Lap - Lap CV%
Waste Extraction Comber M/c / Delivery wise Waste extraction, %, Deviation from Standard, Range and CV%
Stretch Test Speed Frame Speed Frame Full / Empty Bobbin Front & Black row Average & CV%, Overall Average & CV%
Within - Between Bobbin for Count Speed Frame, Ring Frame Within Bobbin CV%, Between Bobbin CV%, Overall CV%, F-Ratio, Mean Sum of Squares
Within - Between Bobbin for Strength Speed Frame Within Bobbin CV%, Between Bobbin CV%, Overall CV%, F-Ratio, Mean Sum of Squares
Adhoc Tests ( No Storage ) All Departments Count, Count CV%, Strength, Strength CV%, CSP, CCSP
Storage Unlimited

Wrapping Register for all departments, Period Reports for all department, Wheel Change History, Micro Spinning

Graphs X-Bar, CV% for individual tests and Periodic
Manual Entry Results for Evenness Tester, Single Yarn Results, Classimate Faults
Most Makes with RS232C serial interface
0.001 Grams
0.240 Grams
RS232C / USB
Electronic Lea
Strength tester
Electrical with auto return
Compact Table Top
+/-0.25 Lbs
0-500 Lbs
PC Bus Based or RS232C / USB